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A new day in healthcare. Together, CVS Health and Aetna help people on their path to better health.

Careers for Veterans and Military Spouses

"I'm excited about our opportunities to further tap this talent pool. Their skills complement the leadership competencies and technological expertise we need in the workforce today..."

- Meg McCarthy, executive vice president of Operations & Technology and executive sponsor of AetVets, Aetna's veteran employee resource group

If you're looking for a new purpose, consider a career with us as your next assignment. Join us in empowering people to live healthier lives.

Our mission to hire veterans

"At Aetna, we appreciate the commitments made by the men and women who serve our country through military service. We will never forget the sacrifices our veterans, active troops and military families have made to protect our freedom. Aetna is committed to building a healthier world with the help of nearly 50,000 employees, including military professionals with diverse backgrounds and experience."

- Mark Bertolini, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Your next mission is here.

At Aetna, our mission is to help people be healthier and transform the health care industry for the better in the process - and military veterans are a big part of our plans. We're committed to helping vets find meaningful work after active duty. Returning to civilian life can be challenging. We want to make that move as easy as possible.

Why join the Aetna team?

Aetna and veterans: the perfect match. Our core values of integrity, excellence, caring and inspiration are very similar to military values.

We offer veterans a chance to grow with a health care leader. Together we can build healthier communities, a healthier nation and a healthier world.

How we support you

We have some of the best policies and programs to support veterans and their families. That's why Aetna was recently named as one of the Top 100 Military Friendly® Employers for 2016. In addition, in 2015, veterans voted Aetna as the No. 1 most veteran-friendly company in the Veteran Recruiting Virtual Career Fairs.

  • Military Friendly Employer
  • Military Friendly Spouse Employer
  • Veteran Friendly Employer
  • Veteran Hiring Pledge
  • Most valuable military employer
  • Military Spouse employment partnership
  • Student veterans of America
  • Best of the Best award
  • Employer support of the guard and reserve
  • Veteran jobs mission

You can also join AetVets, one of our 15 employee resource groups, where you can connect with other veterans, share your ideas, and promote awareness within our communities and our organization.

You have the job skills we're looking for

Aetna is committed to helping you find work here at home. In fact, we have a team that focuses on hiring veterans.

We recognize the valuable skills and experience you offer, such as:

  • Team building and leadership training
  • The ability to adapt and act quickly
  • A results-oriented mindset
  • Advanced technological expertise
  • The ability to thrive in a diverse workforce

Our success in hiring veterans

We're able to successfully match your talents to specific job categories at Aetna. This helps make your transition to a new civilian career much easier.

These categories include:

  • Information technology
  • Sales
  • Management
  • Clinical roles
  • Project management
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Coming to Aetna: A rewarding career move

Dwayne S. is a retired Lieutenant Colonel and career Army officer whose last assignment was a posting to the U.S. Embassy in Accra, Ghana. Duane lives in Jacksonville, Fla., where he works as a Senior Business Program/Project Manager in Complaints, Grievances and Appeals. He shares his story about his transition to Aetna.

Since making the transition to the world of health insurance, many people have asked me how it feels to be part of the civilian workforce. The truth is, the environment at Aetna is not unlike many of my experiences in the Army.

The move to corporate America has been comforting and familiar. Aetna and the Army maintain the same values, aspire to be great leaders and recognize that people matter. Leaving the Army was a difficult decision, but walking through the doors at Aetna was a rewarding career move.


Ethical behavior begins and ends with doing the right thing for the right reasons. This concept is drilled into a soldier every day. Evaluations and promotions are tied to how well you understand and live Army values -- loyalty, duty, respect, selfless service, honor, integrity and personal courage.

Aetna employees are challenged to embrace similar values: integrity, excellence, caring and inspiration. Aetna also demands excellence from our workforce and leaders at all times.

It takes caring and compassion to truly understand one another. Misunderstandings in the Army, and certainly here at Aetna, can have devastating consequences. Inspiration is the foundation for transformation in any organization. Good Army and Aetna leaders inspire others and promote an environment that embraces change.

Leadership is leadership

You don’t have to be taking fire from the enemy while hunkered down in a foxhole to demonstrate good leadership. In fact, I have seen sound Army-like leadership principles exercised every day at Aetna. Teaching, coaching and mentoring are embedded in the practices of both organizations. Setting expectations and providing ongoing feedback are critical components of leader development. Aetna and the Army both embrace this practice.

Leadership by example is the most effective and meaningful tool a leader has. The Army places great emphasis on the idea of not asking others to do what we would not do ourselves. I have seen this leadership principle in action at Aetna. Competent leaders demonstrate their mastery of a subject by taking the time to teach and train others who might be struggling.

People are our core business

The Army and Aetna are in the people business. We can't be successful without taking care of people. For Aetna, this mission is twofold: employees and customers. Our employees must feel cared for and appreciated. This in turn will translate into better service for our customers. We must remind ourselves that we exist to take care of our people.

In a similar way, the Army’s customer is the American people. Leaders are charged with ensuring the well-being of solders and family members. This directly translates into the Army’s capacity to care for and protect our great citizens. We make sacrifices to care for our customers, because they matter to us.

Dwayne S.

Time to move on

Brian G., 32, served in the Air Force for six years. He achieved the rank of Captain. He lives in Hartford, Conn., where he is a manager in Accounting Operations. He shares his story about his career with Aetna.

Brian was in the first class to enter the Air Force Academy after 9/11. During his service, he served as a financial manager. He deployed to Afghanistan with the Marines, and managed the budgets for electronic systems (such as Early Warning Radars and Command and Control systems).

When Brian decided to leave the Air Force in 2013, his resume included an Air Force Academy degree, an MBA and six years of military leadership.

No sweat, right? Wrong. "The thought of having no job gave me a lot of anxiety and sleepless nights," he says.

But Brian wanted to move closer to his roots. He started networking and took advantage of a military transition assistance program. In addition, he talked to mentors.

Networking and good advice

One of his buddies showed Brian how to translate his military experience into skill descriptions that would apply to civilian positions.

"For example, when I was moving equipment around Afghanistan, that job not only involved moving generators or vehicles, but more importantly involved logistics, security, project planning and coordinating of multinational teams to get the job done," Brian says.

Interviewing was new to him, and Brian crashed and burned at first. "A lot of companies use behavioral interviewing," he says. "For instance, I was once asked to tell the interviewer about a time when I failed. I was speechless because I had no idea how to answer."

Brian networked and researched, and it paid off. Four months before he separated from the military, Aetna offered him a spot in a leadership program for experienced finance professionals. He rotated through different jobs to learn the business areas and health care industry. He now manages accounting programs that were affected by the Affordable Care Act.

Brian’s advice: "Use the resources, organizations and volunteers who are there to help you get a job. There are so many places you can turn to for help; make sure you use them!"

Brian G.

Careers for Veterans and Military Spouses

We value your military skills and experience. Let us help you find a job that makes the most of them.

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