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Our Employees: dedicated, innovative & inspiring.

Work location: Hartford, CT
Years at Aetna: 11
Total work experience: 14
Hobbies: Squash, tennis and roller hockey. Mentoring a 4th grade math class.
Enjoys working at Aetna because:
The culture at Aetna is great. People really listen and understand that we’re here to contribute and add value for our customers. But, at the same time, we’re also here to grow and learn.

I like the variety in my job, with every week bringing new challenges to solve. I build models and formulas to help price our products and to understand what factors contribute to health care costs. My personal goal is to always bring a positive attitude into work and treat everyone with respect and courtesy.

Work location: Alpharetta, GA
Years at Aetna: 13
Total work experience: 17
Hobbies: Reading. Exercising at Aetna’s on-site gym. Getting some “me time.”
Enjoys working at Aetna because:
There are many opportunities for development. Nurses have such a wide range of career options at this company.

Since my responsibility is managing people, I think a lot about Aetna’s values on excellence and accountability. I’m always excited about the great input I get from my staff – they love to help make things better.

Work location: Minneapolis, MN
Years at Aetna: 7
Total work experience: 10
Hobbies: Planting my first garden in my new home.
Enjoys working at Aetna because:
The health care field is constantly changing. There’s always something different to get involved with. And I love coming in to a really dynamic workplace every day.

In my mind, all of Aetna’s values are driven by integrity. For example, someone may come up with a very creative idea. But if it’s not based on doing the right thing for the right reason – it’s a no-go. I love to figure out problems at work and watch the solutions grow. It’s kind of like gardening, where I get a little dirty and then see what pops up.

Work location: Woodland Hills, CA
Years at Aetna: 11
Total work experience: 11
Hobbies: Surfing, snowboarding and running. Serving as member of a mountain rescue team.
Enjoys working at Aetna because:
Our people are the best. If you don’t have a good work environment, you’re not going to enjoy it – and you’re not going to do as well as you can.

At Aetna, we’re fortunate to have many opportunities to advance our careers and better our skills. For me, and for Aetna, the customer is at the center of everything we do. But the customer is always changing – and we have to change, too.

Work location: Blue Bell, PA
Years at Aetna: 8
Total work experience: 13
Hobbies: Reading novels and business books.
Enjoys working at Aetna because:
My job is challenging, and the work is always interesting. I love the opportunity to learn something new every day.

I’m impressed with how important Aetna’s values are to my co-workers, and to the company as a whole. I also appreciate the many ways that Aetna encourages me to grow from a personal perspective. It’s good to know that the company takes a very serious interest in employees’ career development.

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